Which social platforms are best for your brand?

Of all marketing platforms, social media is one of the most interpersonal forms.

Your interactions with customers — both current and potential — should reflect that. Think of it like a conversation, where best practice is to keep it friendly and professional.

Each platform has its own type of voice and unwritten rules. You’ll want to focus on the ones most of your potential audience will be on and save high-level content for others.

To give an example, let’s look at social platforms based on types of conversations a person might have with others. Keep in mind that a variety of conversation types can happen on any platform and you shouldn’t just stick to one type for each. But this will give you a more generalized idea:

Twitter: Back-and-forth banter, short and funny situations, quick insights

LinkedIn: Professional advice, networking

Facebook: Catching up with others, documenting life, reminiscing

Instagram: Big milestones, day-to-day situations, anecdotes

Pinterest: Links to step-by-step instructions, inspirational quotes

Tumblr: In-depth storytelling, sharing laughs, theorizing

Pick which ones you’ll add high-level content to and select one or two that you plan to post on multiple times a day.

For a more in depth look at social profiles and posts for small businesses, check out our course here!



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    Wow! Great website, everyone at my work was impressed!

    1. Jessica says:

      Thank you! We’re glad you like it!

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