Owner, Lead IT Support


+1 (713) 498-7853

After twelve years of corporate IT experience, Xilu is working to bring his enterprise insights to small and medium-sized businesses. In his career, Xilu has been the go-to IT expert for CEOs, executives, and company personnel alike. It was his ability to troubleshoot issues quickly and easily that set him apart in his career. Check out some of his career highlights:

Provided Tier 1-­3 global, local, and remote support for 7,500+ users across North America, Europe, and Asia with 24/7 on­-call support.

Handled cross-platform (+A/V conference room) support and system deployment for desktops, laptops, servers, mobile devices, and other inventory with over 1,000 installs of Windows 7 & 10, OS X 10.x, and RHEL 6 along with 400+ iOS/Android users managed through AT&T Premier and Verizon.

Implemented technological roadmaps, DR contention plan, software training classes, and hardware and software updates.

Revamped new hire orientation training and Mac user training, resulting in a significant decrease in basic customer issues.

Rebuilt inventory tracking and warehouse for better efficiency and space utilization.

Audited inventory yearly for security and financial purposes.

Facilitated with Data Center and HQ move across 3 months, consisting of 100s of servers and thousands of computers & equipment.

Managed software and hardware testing and implementation (CrashPlan, macOS, iOS, Windows, Skype for Business, Office 365).

Handled network testing and troubleshooting (802.1x – EAP­TLS).

In addition to his extensive IT experience, Xilu holds a BS in biology from the University of Texas at Austin.